Friday, 4 April 2008

[En] Google Analytics Benchmarking New Functionnality

Google Analytics offers a new beta functionnality of Benchmarking located under the "Visitors" section of your reports. It compares your website's statistics with others of the same size by default. You can compare your website with others of the same industry vertical by choosing a category in a list (Entertainment, Business, Computers, ... More than 27 categories and more sub categories).

This service is very useful to know if your website is performing or below average about number of visits, bounce rate, pageviews, average time on site, pages/visit and new visits. This helps to set goals !

You need to activate this functionnalty. Follow the procedure below (two weeks delay):
Select the option to share your Analytics data "Anonymously with Google and the benchmarking service" from the Edit Account and Data Sharing Settings page. To get to this page, click the link that says "Edit Account and Data Sharing Settings" from the Analytics Settings page (the first page you see after logging into your Google Analytics account).

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