Tuesday, 26 June 2007

[En] Three ways to create a photo mosaic on the web !

"if an image is worth a thousand words, an image mosaic is worth a million words"
This sentence sums up everything. If you want to do special gift to someone you love, offer up a photo mosaic poster !

Look this marvellous mosaic of Bob Marley ! I'll explain three ways to do the same thing but with your friend instead ! The tools are available strictly on the web ! Nothing to install on your computer !

Our original photo taken in 1945 represents my grandmother !

1 - The most simple: your mosaic in one click !

With, you can generate your photo mosaic in one click. Wonderful for non geek people ! The less: The photos in your photo are pick up in a photo database.
2 - Some options : more setting !

With, you can choose:
- the topics of photos which composed your mosaic (love, cat, nature ...)
- the size of the mosaic
- to merge your original photo with the mosaic.

Example below: All topics, 90x60, High merge.
3 - Your own photo database but with flickr only !

With, you can create a mosaic with your own Flickr album photo.
It's the best way to do a customised gift because when your friend will take a close look of his mosaic, each photo will remember him a special moment in his life !
However, you need to create an account on flickr and download your photos first !
Moreover, you need to pay the high resolution of your photo (0,99€ with paypal). You can buy a poster if you live in one of this countries:United States, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland. However, you need to search another website to print your poster !
As you can see, you need a lots of photos to do a good quality mosaic. This one was created with only 196 photos.

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