Thursday, 7 June 2007

[En]Picasa Photo Manager Functions by Google

Picasa is a free photo manager softwate for windows and Linux, powerful and easy to use.

A non geek user will use this main functions:
- folder manager:
Available in "Tools/Folder manager". Here, you'll decide which folder do you want to list in Picasa (never, once, always).
For instance: I strictly list photos from my folder D:\Photos. It's my picture library and Picasa always scrutinize it.
I name each subdirectory as YYYY-MM-DD_Tag like for example 2007-08-04_BaliTrip.
This structure permit me to find easily my photos even without use Picasa. In fact, Picasa offer to classify your photos by date. Picasa user picture metadata to do this but if your camera isn't with the good date, Picasa view can be false. That's why I advise to sort by date your folder.

- Photograph album:
In the main view of Picasa, you must see your photos sorted by folder. However, Picasa offer the possibility to create Photograph Album. A photograph album is a set of photo about a subject. For example, a album about your children. A solution could be to select all your children picture and to copy them in a new folder. But your hard disk is not indefinitely extensible. The
better solution is select your photos is Picasa and click on "Add to\New Album". Name it "BestOfChildren". Your photos are referenced but not copied.

- Photo import from your camera:
When you plug your camero to your computer, you would have see Picasa detect this. If not, run Picasa and select "Import". Select "Choose a device" and select your camera. Picasa show you previously imported photos by a red cross. Check photos to download and select "Import Selected Elements".

- Email your photos with autoresize:
Sending a photo by email can be difficult because of the size of the file. Picasa can autoresize your photo to send them easily. Select your photos and click on "Email". Choose your Gmail account or another outlook account and send. This function setting is in "Tools/Options/Email".

Discover others powerful functions:
- Picasa Web Album to share your photos with your friends or all people.
- Make a small video with your photos.
- Resize your photos (Export function).
- Html export.
- CD Burn.
- Make a photo montage.
- Make a poster.
- Locate geographically your photos in Google Earth.

Download Picasa for Windows.
Download Picasa for Linux.
Picasa Online Help.

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